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Chakki Peesing

Supreme 1121 Basamati Rice

Supreme 1121 Basamati Rice

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Elevate Your Meals with Supreme 1121 Basmati Rice

Savor the rich flavor of Chakki Peesing’s Supreme 1121 Basmati Rice aroma. Sourced from the top farms, this premium type ensures a great taste and brings the aroma of the food to a higher level. Furthermore, each grain undergoes the best techniques in processing and this makes it among the best-preferenced grains by chefs and other culinary experts.

Superior Quality and Flavor

1121 Basmati Rice stands out for its superior quality and flavor profile:

  • Long, slender grains
  • Naturally aged texture
  • Sweet taste and rich aroma
  • Enhances the dining experience

Additionally, this rice is perfect for:

  • Daily cooking
  • Special occasions
  • Delivering a premium touch to every dish

Versatile and Convenient

Basmati Rice is widely used and preferred for its multiple uses. Besides, it effortlessly complements a great number of recipes, including traditional and non-traditional dishes, as well as staple and celebratory ones. That is why it is great for daily use since it makes every meal an interesting experience.

Trusted Brand and Affordable Luxury

Chakki Peesing’s Supreme 1121 Basmati Rice is a popular rice brand that delivers quality at a reasonable price without making you feel guilty for indulging in luxury. Besides, we process them with due diligence and professionalism, giving them “the true Indian food experience”. Furthermore, we offer you a selection of premium basmati rice that can only be described as exquisite.

Discover the promise of Supreme 1121 Basmati Rice by Chakki Peesing. Every grain is born with the distinct qualities of taste and aroma that define the authentic Basmati flavor. In conclusion, enrich your dishes with this fine rice and enjoy the splendid taste and the flavor of every grain.

  • Grinding After Order
  • Pan India Delivery
  • No Preservatives
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