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Chakki Peesing

Soyummy high protein multigrain atta

Soyummy high protein multigrain atta

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Soyummy high protein is a nutritional powerhouse in our collection, boasting impressive calcium and fiber content along with a substantial protein punch per serving. Enriched with chickpea, green moong dal, and soya beans, it offers a multifaceted approach to better health.

Notably, this flour aids in digestion, accelerates metabolism, and bolsters immunity. Its diverse blend of whole grains bestows a richer taste, color, and texture to your culinary creations while guarding against heart ailments.

What sets it apart is its unique combination of fine and coarse textures, ensuring it caters to the varied preferences of everyone in your household. Comprised of thoughtfully selected raw materials, this mix generously contributes to fulfilling half of your daily protein requirements.

In essence, this flour is a protein-packed gem that promotes digestive health, enhances metabolism, fortifies your immunity, and safeguards your heart. With its diverse grain blend and adaptability, it's a valuable addition to your kitchen, offering a burst of nutrition and flavor to every meal while simplifying your quest for daily protein intake.
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