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Health Special Diabetic flour

Health Special Diabetic flour

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Our Less Wheat Multigrain flour is a boon for diabetic patients, offering a controlled wheat intake while incorporating the goodness of various grains, millets, and seeds. This stone-ground premium flour doesn't just limit wheat; it embraces a holistic approach to nutrition.

The blend contains 50% wheat flour, ensuring it remains a part of your diet without overwhelming your blood sugar levels. The remaining 25% consists of other grains like Soyabean and Black Gram (Chana), which are rich sources of protein. This protein is crucial for tissue repair and overall bodily strength.

What sets this flour apart is the inclusion of 25% millets like Ragi and Bajra. Millets are renowned for their high fiber and non-starchy carbohydrates, making them ideal for controlling blood sugar levels. This balance of ingredients contributes to the creation of a flour that not only addresses dietary concerns for diabetics but also enriches your meals with a diverse nutritional profile.

Less Wheat Multigrain flour offers a balanced approach to nutrition, providing protein for strength and millets for blood sugar control. It's a valuable addition to the diets of diabetic patients, ensuring they enjoy delicious meals while managing their health effectively.
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