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Chakki Peesing

Deggi Lal Mirch Powder

Deggi Lal Mirch Powder

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Spice Up Your Culinary Creations with Deggi Mirch Powder

Discover the Vibrant Flavor of Deggi Mirch Powder

  • Dive into the realm of the delicious and spicy Deggi Mirch Powder.
  • Enjoy the sensational and fragrant spice of Deggi Lal Mirch, which are grown in the amazing valleys of Kashmir. 
  • Savor the variety of Deggi Mirch Powder, a spice that will give your dishes a different vibe and a nice warming touch. 

Unlock the Spicy Goodness

  • Deggi Lal Mirch Powder is a fiery chilli powder specially made for adding a kick to your favorite recipe.
  • Incorporate Deggi Mirch in your cooking for the satisfaction that comes from the bold taste and the bright red color.
  • Bring in Deggi Mirch Powder into your spice shelf for a pinch of spice in everything you eats. 

Versatile and Flavorful

  • Experiment with Deggi Mirch Powder in curries, stews, marinades, and dry rubs for meats.
  • Enhance the taste of vegetables, soups, and snacks with a sprinkle of Kashmiri Red Chilli, also known as Deggi Mirch Powder.
  • Explore the endless culinary possibilities with Deggi Lal Mirch Powder from traditional Indian dishes to global cuisines.

Join us at Chakki Peesing to explore endless culinary possibilities

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