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Chakki Peesing

Promax OTG multigrain atta

Promax OTG multigrain atta

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Overflowing with calcium and fiber, this flour stands as a true protein powerhouse in our selection. It proudly offers a substantial serving of protein, thanks to its blend of chickpeas, green moong dal, and soya beans. Beyond its protein prowess, it also champions digestion, metabolism, and immunity.

This flour is a testament to the beneficial qualities of diverse whole grains. It enriches your culinary creations with a deeper taste, vibrant color, and a more textured experience, elevating your meals to a new level. What's more, it acts as a shield against heart ailments.

What makes it truly versatile is its blend of fine and coarse textures, ensuring it caters to the preferences of every member in your household. Handpicked raw materials make up this mix, playing a crucial role in fulfilling half of your daily protein needs.

In essence, this flour is a comprehensive package of nutrition and flavor, combining the goodness of Soyabean Flour, Wheat Flour, and Black Chana Flour. It's a valuable addition to your kitchen, offering health benefits that go beyond just protein, making your meals both delicious and nourishing.
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