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Chakki Peesing

Brown top + Kodu + Proso Millet Combo

Brown top + Kodu + Proso Millet Combo

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Experience the Millet Combo Trio

Unlock a World of Nutritional Delights

Start a healthy and tasty journey with Chakki Peesing's Millet Combo 1, which is a mix of Brown Top, Kodu and Proso Millet. The three amazing ingredients boost your meals and make you feel great both inside and out.

Discover the Nutritional Powerhouses

  • Get to know the nutritional values of Brown Top, Kodu and Proso Millet. Each grain is full of the most important vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber.
  • From the strengthening of the immune system to the enhancement of the digestive health, these millets are the way to the holistic approach to nourishment.

Versatile Culinary Marvels

  • Change your kitchen into a culinary heaven with our Millet Combo 1.
  • Whether you are making solid soups, healthy salads, or tasty pilafs, these millets are perfect for a variety of culinary creations.
  • Their nutty flavor and the satisfaction of their texture make them the staples in your pantry.

Indulge in Wholesome Goodness of Millet 

  • Enjoy the taste of the goodness of nature with every bite of our Millet Combo 1.
  • Our millets are free from artificial additives and preservatives, and thus, are a proof of purity and quality.
  • Incorporate them into your daily meals and feel the joy of nourishing your body with nature's best.

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